Does Adobe Spark For Education Live Up To Expectations?

One year ago at BETT 2018, Adobe revealed their plans for a new version of Spark, exclusively for educators and students.  Christened as Adobe Spark For Education, the company announced that it would be making their $120 premium service free for all K-12 and Higher Education Institutions

Scan Your Post-In Notes Into Your iPhone

Whether you call them sticky notes, stickies or Post-It notes, if you work in education then you probably have used these for a variety of purposes.  Post-It notes are a quick and flexible way to share ideas or thinking.  Just... Continue Reading →

5 “Old-School” EdTech Tools That Still Have Value

Can something 10 years-old be considered “old school?” Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but when you consider the rapid change within education technology, a decade can sometimes can seem like a lifetime.  For example, think back to technological... Continue Reading →

Has The 1:1 Classroom Killed The Interactive Whiteboard? 

When I first started teaching in 2006, I loved my SMART Board.  And if you taught about a decade ago, chances are you probably did too – with very good reason!  Back then, standard tools for instruction in your classroom... Continue Reading →

Transform Persuasive Writing Into Compelling Commercials with Adobe Spark Video

Persuasive writing is a form of nonfiction writing that is practiced at nearly every grade level.  It encourages a wide range of skills including selective word choice, the development of argument, and concise summarization.  For many students, including early learners,... Continue Reading →

Don’t Just Listen To Podcasts, Create Them with Soundtrap

Whether it's Serial, Story Corps or Mindshift,it is always encouraging to read about educators using podcasts in their classroom to promote student learning.  In the Atlantic article, The Value of Using Podcasts in Class, teacher Michael Godsey shares his experience with... Continue Reading →

How To Design A Digital Word Sort For Your LMS

Word sorts have been used as an instructional tool by educators for many years.  The influx of interactive white boards over the past decade have provided educators with a digital platform to display and physically sort words for their entire... Continue Reading →

Pimp Your LMS with H5P

If you grew up in the early 2000's, then you'll remember the MTV show "Pimp My Ride." The show that featured rapper Xhibit taking average vehicles (usally in poor condition), and transforming them into customized, tricked-out street machines - or so... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Forms: A Good Start, But Light Years Behind Google

Based on the popularity of Google Forms among educators, it came as no surprise when Microsoft introduced a similar (and almost identical) survey tool known simply as "Microsoft Forms" for their Office 365 Education Customers.  I'm a huge fan of... Continue Reading →

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